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About Us...

Nei Wai Chia Martial Arts is located in the Brazosport area, TX. Our main classes are located at NWC Martial Arts, 700 Dixie Drive, Clute, TX 77531.  

We are committed to providing quality martial arts instruction to each and every student.  We provide Kung Fu instruction for adults and children, as well as Tai Chi for adults.

We place a strong emphasis on self-discipline and respect in a non-competitive atmosphere. We look forward to serving you! 

Learning is the key to all our work.  
Our teaching is done as if we were working with our own family.   

Sigung Daniel Suchon
10th Degree Grandmaster
World Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu Successor           
Shen Tao Association Lineage Holder

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