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Tiny dragon

Pre-K and Kindergarden. Boys and girls ages 3 yrs. to 6 yrs. old.
Youth Kung Fu

The youth Kung Fu class is for boys and girls, gradeschool, ages 6-13.
Teen Kung Fu

Boys and girls, highschool. Ages 13-18
Adult Kung Fu

This class has a real strong basis on every aspect of fighting. Men and women, out of Highschool, ages 18 and up.
Tai Chi

The Tai Chi class is for adults 18 and older. The class emphasis is on the internal arts.Class time determined durring tour at Nei Wai Chia Academy 700 Dixie Dr.Clute TX. Call us today to set up your 15min tour!
Introduction to Tai Chi (ALLP)

This class is for senior citizens only. The class is offered through the Brazosport Community College. See ALLP catalog for dates.