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Our Instructors

Sigung Dan Suchon
Grandmaster instructor, 10th degree black belt, inducted into The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1993, Successor to Shen Tao in 2004, Successor to Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu in 2014

Sifu Robert Taylor
3rd degree Black Sash in Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu

Sibok Terrell Manasco
Tai chi instructor.Under the teachings of Grandmaster "Sigung" Dan Suchon. 5th Degree in Tai Chi. Iron Palm Grandmaster Under Grandmaster Brian Grey

Sifu Jay Richardson
3nd Degree Blacksash in Nei Wai Chia Martial Arts. Sifu, meaning "Teacher".

Sifu Nathan Richardson
Sifu Nathan Richardson is a 3nd Degree Black belt. Under the teachings of Grandmaster "Sigung" Dan Suchon. Sifu meaing "Teacher" Nathan Richardson is a Nei Wai Chia instructor in Texas.

Sifu Richard Mergenhagen
Sibok Richard Mergenhagen is a 4th degree Master blacksash Tai chi instructor, under the instruction of Sigung Dan Suchon at Nei Wai Chia Martial Arts Academy.

Sifu Daniel Torres
3rd degree Blacksash Sifu, meaning teacher in Chinese, Kung Fu instructor at Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu Academy, under the direct teachings of Sigung Dan Suchon.