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Mitsung Chuan, or the esoteric pugilistic style was invented by Yen Ch'ing of the Sung Dynasty (960-1279).  Sun T'ung a student of Yens, passed the art onto the Huo family of Hopei province.  Huo En-ti was a convoy guard respected for his Mitsung.   He had four sons.  Once when Huo was challenged he was ill and too sick to fight, so his sons decided to uphold his honor.  The three eldest were all soundly defeated until the youngest, who little known to them was by far their superior in the martial arts, entered the foray.  This was young Huo Yuan Chia.  He made quick work of the challengers and in years to come would become known as the greatest martial artist in China's 6,000 year history.  Hou Yuan Chia was the teacher of Chao Chen Kun (Sijo's teacher).  The art would become a cherished family secret.  Two versions were made, a public and a private.  The form shown in Nei Wai Chia is the private one.  In the 1300s Mitsung 1 would travel to Korea where it would be greatly influence a young warrior group called the Hwarangdo.