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Tai Chi Chuan     (Grand Ultimate Fist)

Legend tells us that Chang San Feng, a Taoist of the 14th century, originated Tai Chi, although its concepts go back to at least 3000 B.C.  The Chen style was the first of the Tai Chi systems to gain prominence.  Yang Lu Chan, a servant of Chen Village, learned the art and modified it into the Yang style.  There are many styles of Tai Chi, but the major ones are Yang, Sun, Chen, Wu, simplified, and Chen Man Ching Short Form.  Sijo Larry Sanders studied all of these styles, plus many Taoist esoteric styles, before putting together his own Tai Chi form, Universal Tai Chi.  The form was developed to give the beginning Tai Chi student all the benefits of a full length Tai Chi form.  This short form contains all the elements and postures needed to circulate chi through the entire body.  Sun Lu Tang is one of the four masters that originated the original Nei Wai Chia Kung fu and is the originator of Sun Tai Chi.