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                                                            Daniel Suchon                                                    


     Sigung Suchon began his martial arts career in 1975, when he began studying Karate.  In 1983, he joined the Nei Wai Chia martial arts family with Sijo Larry Sanders.  He received his first black Sash and Tai Chi instructor certification in 1986.  His teaching career started in 1987, in Lake Jackson, TX,  with Kung Fu classes.  He then added Tai Chi classes in Clute, TX in 1990.  He received his Master level teacher level in 1993, as well as being inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as "Kung Fu Teacher of the Year".  He participated in the WMAHOF demo team in 1994. Mr. Suchon received his 10th degree Grandmaster level in October of 2014. 

His other accomplishments include being a 4th degree Reiki master teacher, a 5th degree in sessen aki Jujitsu, a 2nd degree in modern Arnis, and holding a 1st degree in Kugoshu Karate.  In 2002, he was named succesor to the Shen Tao Association.  Sunyata Saraswati officially turned over the system to Dan Suchon in July 2004, making him the grandmaster of that system.

Sigung Suchon has studied and teaches several styles of Tai Chi, including Chen, Yang, Wu, Hou, Sun and Crane.  He currently teaches many different classes in Lake Jackson, TX.